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How to Increase Sales on Amazon in 5 Simple Steps

Identifying how to increase sales on Amazon effectively can be challenging for an e-Commerce seller. Running an Amazon shop is both intimidating and rewarding, since you put your inventory in front of 300 million active users as of 2021.


As a giant in the e-Commerce space, Amazon makes it possible for aspiring retailers to propel their business forward. But all that heavy lifting comes with a hefty price tag. You are competing for the spotlight in a sea of like-minded, driven sellers. Amazon also undercuts your wins by taking a percentage from every sale as their fee.


Taking a bite out of your profit margins can make it tricky to manage a fruitful shop, but Amazon offers plenty of options to grow your business. It’s important to know the right strategies to help you take full advantage of Amazon’s unique opportunities. You can boost your profits all while paying your dues to keep your spot in the marketplace. Is your Amazon business set up to see sustainable growth?


Take these 5 Steps to Increase Sales on Amazon and Survive Saturation


Tip 1. Monitor Unauthorized Sellers to Protect Your Brand’s Credibility


Many unauthorized sellers use Amazon to steal customers from established brands and get a slice of the marketplace using shady tactics. When these sellers piggyback on your product listings, they can lure the audience with lower prices and mask the poorer quality of their inventory.


These counterfeit products not only compromise your ground on Amazon but also hurt your reputation. Customers can associate their faulty items with your brand. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter that you’re not the one who wronged customers— people will always demand a scapegoat. When the hijackers don’t respond to their complaints, the heat will fall on you.


With that in mind, it’s important you stay one step ahead of unauthorized sellers. Keep an active lookout for copycats using your products, name, or any similar relationship to protect your credibility and market share. You can use AWS Amazon Fraud Detector, an Amazon tool that identifies potentially fraudulent activity and safeguards your business. This even allows you to secure the payment gateway that protects your customers from falling prey to suspicious payment transactions. When you ensure your brand’s credibility, you maintain customer satisfaction and increase sales on Amazon.


Tip 2. Register as a Brand to Solidify Your Position as an Authorized Seller


Looking behind your back for unauthorized sellers can be time-consuming if your focus is to increase sales on Amazon. You can ease your concerns by registering your store as a legitimate brand on Amazon. This exclusive program has special benefits for registered brands, most of which help you stand out from the competitive crowd.


The biggest advantage of being a registered brand on Amazon is that you have complete protection over your product listing. This means you won’t have to worry about competitors changing your product listing’s information.


Along with this, Amazon now provides you with an A+ Content Manager that improves the display of your product listing. This allows you to share unique brand stories and high-quality product images to enhance user experience and build rapport.


A registered brand can leverage other marketing channels to boost visibility, giving you a bigger chunk of the marketplace than unauthorized sellers. You also have access to a range of amazon advertising services as a registered brand.


More importantly, you can protect your brand against black hat sellers— sellers who submit false claims to suspend competitor’s accounts. Amazon Brand Registry offers legitimate brands an internal team to help address errors in product listings and IP infringement issues.


Tip 3. Go for Unique Products and Avoid Clashing Heads with Amazon


Unauthorized sellers may pose a threat in the marketplace, but at the end of the day, Amazon itself is the most formidable profit-stealer you’ll face. Amazon’s biggest selling point is that it offer quality products for lower costs. Trying to set a competitive price will only leave you behind in the race to bottom-dollar prices.


Things can go wrong when you try and be everything for everyone! Therefore, by picking a segment of products that are unique and specifically not sold by bigger brands, you can get in the limelight.


It's difficult to increase sales on Amazon in a saturated market on top of the burden of maintaining customer service quality standards. It’s not the best idea to solely focus on climbing up the market’s ladder with minimal visibility along the way. Identifying/building out your niche could make sense for both yourself and those who buy from you down the line. Learning how to find a profitable niche can be helpful if you are considering becoming an Amazon seller.


Selling unique products, offers, or special bundles can catapult your brand, since you’ll have a stronger presence without dealing with direct competition.


Tip 4. Maintain Your Inventory and Sales


Focusing on your sales strategy is a no-brainer, but managing your inventory can also eat away at your profit margins. Using advertising tactics like social media marketing will increase your Amazon sales and keep you from incurring additional storage fees.


In addition to earning more revenue, selling more products means you can get bang-for-your-buck bulk orders with suppliers of your inventory. Since selling more is the goal, this helps set cheaper prices as you build up to your long-term goals of inventory management.


Keeping a close eye on your inventory as you increase sales on Amazon allows you to place inventory orders quickly. Staying on top of your listings’ availability will result in shorter waiting times and better warehousing deals.


Tip 5. Staying Relevant and Providing Value to Your Customers


Customers serve is the lifeblood of every Amazon business, so it’s only right to establish meaningful relationships with them. The key is to show you care by offering value for their time and money. You can shape a positive customer experience in multiple ways:


●    A personal touch can truly make a difference in your customer interactions. Requesting customer feedback via personalized emails is a great way to see how you're doing and where you can improve for future sales. This makes buyers feel validated and builds rapport with them, and they are more likely to become a repeat customer.

●    Amazon ads are a fantastic way to present your products to customers. By using PPC automation, you can reach more customers with ease while outshining your competitors and increasing sales. You can also have automatic keyword updates based on the end buyer's search terms for an even better experience. With user-friendly tools like Simpliworks campaign builder, you can make ads for your products in less than 5 minutes. Utilizing such tools lets you focus on other ways to increase sales on Amazon knowing that your ads are actively taken care of.

●    Getting more reviews helps build your shoppers’ confidence in your brand since they trust the word-of-mouth of like-minded customers. It’s a powerful social proof that shows your credibility, and it’s a chance to improve your business’s reputation by addressing concerns.


Making customers happy is worth your time and effort as an Amazon seller. You have a chance to gain a competitive edge by maintaining a strong relationship with them.


The Bottom Line: Protecting Your Brand to Increase your Sales Higher Than Ever in a Tight Marketplace


Amazon is an expansive space in the e-Commerce world that allows sellers to get a piece of the market’s pie. But with its global audience, sellers face tremendous competition extending to different industries, niches, or target audiences.


Making a breakthrough in a tight space is challenging, but the tips above will help you play your cards right so you can increase your Amazon sales and flourish.

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