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The Definitive Guide to Amazon PPC Automation

Online shopping dominates the e-Commerce landscape as it becomes the new normal in 2022 and beyond, so it’s no surprise that established giants like Amazon remain a dominant force leading the market. Studies show that a whopping 89% of consumers would buy from Amazon over other heavy-hitting platforms in the US. It’s no doubt that Amazon is at the center of eCommerce, and if you’re reading this, you already know it’s time your business takes advantage of Amazon’s unwavering consumer loyalty.

Amazon continues to influence more than 40% of America’s market share, and while it’s an impressive feat, it also means your business faces tighter competition more than ever. Sellers left and right strive to stand out of the saturated marketplace, paving the way for the boom of Amazon PPC management software as it helps businesses resharpen their edge over other players on the platform.

In this definitive guide, you’ll learn the benefits of PPC automation and how it can help establish your business inAmazon’s competitive landscape.


Taking Your Amazon PPC to the Next Level


Sellers know the impact PPC campaigns have on the marketing pipeline, as it’s one of the most effective strategies for gaining visibility. But manually conducting the market research, discovering keywords, and identifying negative keywords that won’t make a profit for your business can be time-consuming in more ways than one.


Fortunately, the steady advent of automation tools allows sellers to enhance their PPC strategy by optimizing critical elements in every campaign — from ad placement, campaign launches, keyword discovery, advanced search terms, and target reporting, dayparting, and more.


PPC has the potential to propel your business ahead of the race in Amazon, so automation plays a pivotal role in driving more traffic to your store so you can reach your long-term and short-term goals.


How Do You Automate Your Amazon PPC Campaigns?


Now that you have some idea of how automating PPC campaigns can simplify your marketing efforts and promote data-driven performance, it’s time to take the leap and try it out for yourself. While every Amazon seller has specific strategies for reaching unique goals, there are certain pillars to follow that every business needs to consider to successfully automate their PPC campaigns:


Tip 1. Determine SMART Goals


Every marketing plan needs a clearly defined goal to give it direction, even if it involves using AI-assisted tools to automate your campaign. If you want to set the stage for a successful PPC campaign, ask yourself if it needs to have SMART goals:  


●     Specific - Does your campaign intend to increase visibility, boost organic rankings, grow your market share, or build brand awareness?

●     Measurable - How do you measure your automated PPC campaign’s performance and progress? Will you use the click-through rate (CTR) as your go-to metric? Do you set a target return on ad spend (ROAS)?

●     Achievable - Do you have enough timeframe and resources to achieve your goals?

●     Realistic - Does your campaign align with your current resources and capabilities?

●     Time-based - How long do you plan to run your automated PPC campaigns? Do you need to set deadlines? Are you trying to advertise special offers for short-term goals?


Running an ad needs to fulfill objectives for your bottom line, so launching one without a designated goal can leave your campaign in a mess since it won’t drive the right results for your business.


Tip 2. Choose Your Automation Template Based on Your Goals


Now that you have a clear direction for your PPC campaigns, you have more insight into what kind of template your automation should target. There are three crucial models to consider:


●     You can focus on an ROI Optimizer designed to automatically set your bids according to your desired ROAS.

●     Optimizing your bids should start with a Performance Enhancer, which bases your automation on your set ROAS or impressions.

●     If you want to automate your PPC campaigns to maximize your marketing budget and lower wasted ad spend, then going for a Money Saver approach automatically identifies negative keyword targeting and the appropriate bid reduction for your strategy.


As a point of reference, you can fine-tune your campaign by considering the following automation needs:

  1. Automatically grow keyword bids when your ROAS is high.
  2. Automatically reduce keyword bids when your ROAS is low.
  3. Automatically pause your keyword bids when it is unprofitable.


Whatever method you choose, you have the option to further adjust your automated PPC campaign according to your desired values. You can use dashboards from Simpliworks' Amazon campaign optimization software once you’re ready to kickstart your automation.


Tip 3. Review and Revise Your Automated PPC Campaigns


Automation helps cut back hours off your plate, as AI assistance can easily alter your campaigns based on your set goals. While it minimizes human error, it doesn’t guarantee a flawless performance.


With that in mind, it’s best to monitor your automated PPC campaigns and review whether it’s executing your plans the right way. Reviewing the insights you get can clue you in on areas in your approach that need improvement. This allows you to manage your campaigns better and ensure it’s working towards your desired results.


Using software like Simpliworks’ Amazon PPC campaign builder can make it easier to have an overview of your campaign’s progress as it tracks keyword performance, advertising return, and conversion.


How Automation Transforms Your PPC Campaign and Benefits Your Amazon Business


You know the basic steps you need to take to automate your PPC campaigns, but what exactly can it do to skyrocket your sales and enhance your business altogether? Let’s dive into the changes it can do to your marketing efforts and how it can propel your store forward in a dog-eat-dog marketplace: 

Benefit #1: Put the Spotlight on Your Product Listings


Beating the competition on Amazon is a tough task, but automation can speed up the process and put your product listing on the highest spot in product search results across dozens or even hundreds of keyword targets. If you want to solidify your footing in the eCommerce landscape, PPC automation can maximize your time and help create powerful campaigns that can keep up with the tight competition.


Even as a new seller, PPC automation gives you a fair chance to stand toe-to-toe with the largest companies selling on Amazon.


Benefit #2: Increase your ROAS


FBA sellers need to ace their ROAS calculations to ensure their campaigns are performing within the set budget. If it strays away from your expectations, then your efforts will miss their mark. Although is no blanket rule for a good ROAS, as it will vary from product to product, automation can streamline the process and make it easier to identify whether your marketing investments are generating positive results for your business.


Benefit #3: Market with Relevant Insights and Goals


PPC advertising without any knowledge of your progress, execution, and performance can be wasteful in more ways than one. Instead of running your campaigns based on a hunch, PPC automation can do the heavy lifting when collecting relevant data and simplifying complex algorithms.

You no longer have to take a leap of faith as PPC automation tools push your campaigns forward with perfectly calculated steps.



The Bottom Line: Why Your Amazon PPC Campaigns Need Automation


Constantly staying on top of your bids, keywords, and overall campaign performance can be laborious, so integrating automation into your strategy can maximize your efforts by speeding up the process without sacrificing quality.


After all, the faster output is one of the biggest highlights of automation, so using it redirects your attention to other critical areas of your Amazon business.


Automating your PPC campaigns can save you hours’ worth of manual effort, leaving you with more room to enhance your product research, inventory management, market analysis, and other channels in your marketing pipeline.


Are You Looking for Professional Help to Scale Your Amazon Business?


Now that you know exactly how Amazon PPC automation can impact your growth, it’s time to explore your options on implementing it into your current business operations. Working with a professional can give you an edge over your competitors and boost results, so if you feel lost with your campaigns, utilizing software companies like Simpliworks can help you make the most of Amazon with interactive tools, keyword tracking, real-time analytics, and more.


Managing an Amazon business involves wearing many hats, but balancing all responsibilities will only leave your store behind in a fast-paced market. Visibility is one of the driving factors that generates results for your marketing efforts, so utilizing tools like Amazon campaign optimization software from Simpliworks can improve your sales all in a single click. With Simpliworks’ 1-click campaign launcher, you can start running Amazon ads in seconds and see growth in as little as two weeks.


We make PPC simple and scalable with machine learning and automation, so get in touch with us today and see how our features provide an agile way to advertise your campaigns. Save time eliminating keyword research, build winning campaigns, and sell your products faster with Simpliworks account management services for Amazon sellers.

Connect with an agent today and help us take your eCommerce business to the next level!