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Beach Shade Case Study: New Amazon Seller Achieves 10x ROAS in 3 Weeks

Beach Shade offers a simple solution to beachgoers looking for the protection of a tent without the weight or hassle of setting one up. Matt Finneran, founder of Beach Shade, knew that Amazon marketplace was the right fit for his product. However, soon after setting up his store, he faced the challenge of moving inventory on the platform. Knowing that advertising his product would increase sales, he turned to Simpliworks PPC management tool to take care of his advertising needs.


The Challenge

How to sell slow-moving inventory and boost sales for a newly launched Amazon product


The Story of Beach Shade


Finding the right product to sell on Amazon was not an issue for Matt. The founder developed the design for his beach shade and quickly went to production, knowing that Amazon marketplace was the best fit for his new business. As a new seller, he was excited to unlock the potential of success on Amazon that many businesses like his have enjoyed.


With fresh inventory waiting to be sold, he took the steps to set up his business on Amazon and waited for the orders to rush in. When he was met with a slow turnout, Matt learned that he needed to implement an advertising strategy to see real sales growth.


Why Beach Shade Chose Simpliworks as a Solution


Beach Shade recognized early on that it was critical for businesses to have a cutting-edge Amazon advertising strategy to promote their products. Visibility in a competitive market like Amazon is a driving factor for generating sales. Rather than having to commit the time and effort to learn the complexities of Amazon PPC advertising, they subscribed to Simpliworks PPC management software.

Simpliworks PPC campaigns work through an extensive keyword research process. Thoughtfully designed theme-based campaigns ensure we generate hyper relevant campaigns that improve indexing and keyword rankings long term. By considering more than just search volume and generally accessible data, our process helps continuously discover unique selling opportunities specific to Beach Shade’s product.


With Simpliworks’ 1-Click campaign generator, Beach Shade enjoys a seamless experience starting agency-level campaigns with the click of a button. They found a hands-free solution that did the heavy-lifting of ad management and provided outstanding results  rapid sales growth in less than a month.


The Results


Simpliworks' success with Beach Shade

In 3 weeks time, Simpliworks PPC advertising achieved an explosive success, as measured by...

·       $113,000+ in sales

·       10x ROAS

·       Sold out in 23 days


What’s Next for Beach Shade


With these outstanding results, Beach Shade gained public recognition as an ultra-profitable company and raised over $1 million in financing within months of starting their business. Now, they plan to expand their product offering and follow the same advertising practices that helped them achieve rapid success in such a short span of time: Simpliworks PPC management.


An Amazon Seller's Secret Weapon

Scaling your Amazon business can be challenging without the right resources and expertise. Simpliworks has a team of experienced professionals who can help you take your business to the next level. We'll work with you to develop a customized strategy to maximize your sales and achieve your business goals. Learn more about our Amazon account management services.

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